Genetic Hackle Chickens – Plans For 2013

HI It’s been a while since I posted to this blog about Genetic Hackle and everything related to raising these unique chickens raised for feathers.

I have a few ideas brewing to increase the membership of the federation of hackle producing chicken breeders.

I had a banner year in 2012 since I purchased a large egg incubator. I was able to see a much larger range of the genetics my hackle producing chickens.

The 2012 season I was very lucky to see 8 roosters which carry the traits of cree/variants. This spring I took the best of the group and bred him back to my original line and also to the cross of phoneix rooster and aracauna hens.

100_1544Here is a pic of my new breeding cree/variant type rooster for 2013. I picked him because he had the largest spey type cape hackles. If you look beyond him notice the phoenix hens along with his Araucana hens eating breakfast and free ranging for the day.

If you have a story about your genetic hackle and want to contribute your stories on this blog just contact me and lets see how we can share stories and pictures.

One thought on “Genetic Hackle Chickens – Plans For 2013

  1. According to Dr. Tom Whiting, the Doctor Moreau of chickens, it’s a never-ending challenge to produce birds with high-quality feathers that are perfectly proportioned for fly tying. Once you’ve bred the kind of bird you want, you don’t just sit back and reap the rewards.

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