Hackle Growers Welcome

Chicken growers WELCOME!

This blog is your opportunity to ask questions and learn what experiences hackle growers do to grow beautiful and ornamental chickens.

Not all chicken growers want to grow ornamental chickens for sale but wish to have these beautiful birds roaming their property as eye candy.

But on the other hand if the hackle growing bug has bitten you have come to the right place to learn and share your experiences with other like minds.


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9 thoughts on “Hackle Growers Welcome

  1. Hi, I have been raising and breeding phoenixs and barred rocks for a few years. I recently started raising genetic hackle stock from Ken at Beaverkill ValleyHackle . I am friends with Alvin Theriault of Staceyville,Me. I have visited with Alvin and picked his brain every chance I have. Trying to skin these birds is the hardest thing for me too learn. I have destroyed way to many capes and saddles in the process. Can someone please make a tutorial video. I only raise for my own fly tying needs but would like to do a better job at processing them. Sincerely Ed Clark

  2. Genetics-Visited with Alvin Theriault today and picked his brain of breeding for specific colors. The silver badgers crossed with a grey or black dun will yield the prized grizzly or grizzly variant. His latest crosses are yielding 18″ saddles in the size 18-22 range. Beautiful birds to say the least.

  3. Hi Ed

    silver badger and dun cross?
    somewhere one of those birds is carrying the grizzly gene to get grizzly.

    How old where the birds that are yielding the 18″ saddles?

    Ed, where are you located?

    Do you have any pictures of your birds?

    I am making many crosses this year between Phoenix and Americaunas, last year was the first F1, will be interesting to see what my F2s will give me this year.

    Did you have any luck with your phoenix X barred rock crosses?

    Are you happier with working the Genetic Hackle Birds for getting roosters with good long saddles?


  4. Hi ,We are located just outside of Bangor,Me. My phoenix/ barred rock crosses are 11 months old now and i will be thinning out the flock soon.Most of the saddle hackles are grizzley and in the size 8-12 range up to 14″ long.My flock of genetic hackle from Alvin Theriaults line are just starting to lay eggs.Most of the genetic hackle line are silver badger with just one grizzley variant rooster.Been tying griffin’s knats and hornbergs in size 14 and caught over 100 trout last season.

  5. Ed, I am truly disappointed that you claim to be a hackle grower, It seems to me you have hi jacked a web site that was ment to represent TRUE Genetic Hackle Growers, and you show pics on the home page of egg laying birds, It is my humble opinion that you need to get your shit together, just my opinion, Kind Regards Gordon Smith, True Genetic Hackle Breeder.

  6. Ed, Your birds might be ok for a few , but not for a professional fly tiers, nor the industry, you may have some salt water stuff, but defiantly not quality dry fly hackle, you might in the next 30 years catch up to todays quality in dry fly hackle, it gets under my skin to see someone try and make this breeding so so easy when its not, great care money and time and selection go’s into breeding quality Genetic hackle, so with all do respect, I will not be a part of this web site until measures are taken to show respect in The True genetic hackle breeders web site, by showing a frigging easter egg laying chicken as a representative of this web site is crazy in my opinion, it makes all the other great breeders look stupid, Kind Regards Gordon Smith

  7. We welcome your suggestions for this column. I’ve met folks that assign the above ratings to capes and saddles, met with growers of genetic hackle and have spoken with scores of professional fly tyers.

  8. Hi Ed,
    I am just starting to build my genetic hackle flock. I’d sure be interested if You or anyone else on here would be willing to sell me some birds or hatching eggs. I have found it very difficult to find people willing to let any out of their flocks. I will say, however, most everyone has been very polite and I have had some great conversations.
    All the very best to You.

  9. Hey Gordon, finally found your comments among the spam comments

    If your looking for dry fly quality genetic hackle your so right and I don’t pretend to raise such a bird

    I’ve been tying over 50 years and know my feathers, what I focus on is wet fly, streamer types of feathers

    It does take a long time to get what your looking for, I chose the easter egger on purpose because of it’s softness and thin stems, when I started this breed had no barred type of birds and now 80% of the birds I raised are barred

    I also cross out to other birds that have better qualities for stem and feather length and I am pretty close to getting that set

    I created this site not to compete with Whiting or any other large breeder, this site is focused towards the hobby and semi-serious breeders

    Gordon everyone has an opinion for what works for you, I fish primarily under the surface and what this industry lacked was feathers for that type of fishing, the dry fly area is crowded and in order to compete with your flock you have to raise birds on a super large scale

    What you said is all true for dry fly, but my flock is bred for the wet fly a much different type of feather and I accomplished that, now I’m focusing on quality and length

    thanks for your comments and by the way I have my sh*t together your blind to it

    I see you raise a flock for yourself, let’s see what you got, this site was created to find people like yourself, they exist all across the country but the few large breeders get all the credit

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