Raising Chickens For Fly Tying Eggs 2013

Here is the first group of eggs for 2013 going into the incubator. 3 trays of eggs consisting of phoenix/phoenix cross eggs, the blue/green eggs are the Araucana eggs also included some duck and turkey eggs all ready to go into the incubator.

100_1524This group of eggs have hatched they were about 99% for fertility with about a 70-80% hatch rate.

Unfortunately I made a very basic beginner mistake of not positioning the heat lamp in a proper location resulting in about a 50% lost of the hackle producing chickens.

I placed my heat lamp to close to one corner of the pen thinking if the chicks were too hot they would go to the other end to escape the heat, instead they all crowded in the smallest area of the pen piled on top of each other resulting in many dieing.

I would of never thought they would of done this but instead go to the other area of the pen to escape the heat.

My solution was to place the lamp smack in the middle of the pen giving them equal space at all sides and the chicks started behaving as expected sitting around the edges of the lamp and away from the walls of their pen.

Sad but very valuable lesson to learn, never would of thought this could happen since the pen they are in is very large.

One thought on “Raising Chickens For Fly Tying Eggs 2013

  1. Rob. Buddy. I am stunned. To mealisd fellow fly fishers into thinking that an actual salmon might eat one of these silly looking things in a thousand ears seems unfair. Personally, I fish Griffith Gnats and parachute Adams for king salmon. Maybe a Bead-head, Gold ribbed Hare’s Ear now and then. But this thing – this so-called black tail ? Can’t imagine EVER tying one of these wierdnes-embedded creepies on a leader and chucking it in the direction of a salmon. Besides, your palmer hackle should be claret or chartreuse instead of pink (a non king salmon color), you have one too-short fiber in your tail, and dude, we need to talk about this under the shank trend you are setting. I might be willing to give these a try, though, just for the fun of it. Please send 12 dozen to my PO box by next Friday. Thanks for listening. JN

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